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Paolo Nutini (2022)                                     OccuTrace (2021)                                            FUSE (2020)

Camera Operator                                        Corporate Videographer/Editor                     Promotional Videographer/Editor

Celesté (2022)                                             Water for Health (2021)                                   Hymans Robertson (2019)

Promotional Videographer                         Corporate Videographer/Editor                      Corporate Videographer/Editor

Island Records (2022)                                 Odin Gillies (2021)                                            J-Bone Collective (2019)

Production Assistant                                    Assistant Director/Editor                                 Promotional Videographer/Editor

Scottish Jazz Awards (2022)                       RawTape (2021)                                              XPO Logistics (2019)

Camera Operator                                         Assistant Videographer                                  Corporate Videographer/Editor

Hoolie in the Hydro (2022)                          Clyde Built Radio (2020)                                 Shakara (2019)

Camera Operator                                          Promotional Videographer/Editor                  Promotional Videographer/Editor


Key Skills:

  • Knowledge and experience of the stages of video production.

  • Sophisticated post production skills using Adobe Premiere Pro.

  • Coherent organisation of digital content.

  • Networking and relationship building.



Creative Industries: Television HND (City of Glasgow College, 2017-2019)

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